Friday, December 4, 2009

[JessFinds] Crave List for 5.5 Year Olds

Each year I publish a list of things I think are great for the upcoming holidays. Who would have thought these lists would become so popular? I have received emails asking when my next list will come out! Mom's everywhere from Arkansas to the UK are visiting our little blog for inspiration. This is the 5.5 year old crave list ...the 3 year old list is up too!

Miss Crab is a wee slight thing who believes (strongly) that she is a pirate. No really. So what does a pirate find endlessly amusing?

Stats: Miss Crab is a 5T (toddler) or XS girls (size 5 regular girls). She is weighing in at a whopping 37.5lbs. She wears a 10 - 10.5 toddler shoe.

Oh-Bento! Obento or Bento Boxes as they are commonly known are a big hit this year for parents with school-age kids. I am currently entranced by the Yubo brand. It seems so, well, efficient! How could any child resist healthy snacks packed in such a adorable container? I love it in orange with the included "peace" faceplate option. But get this: it has a custom pirate faceplate option. The addition of the medium containers would complete the set. I just found out that someone has picked up the set for Miss Crab. I love it when family shops off the blog! Woo!

Gonzo and Crab tend to, ahem, quarrel over certain things but they both seem to be madly in love with the little fuzzy creatures that make up the Calico Critters collection. We have purchased the carrying case with a family (squirrels for Gonzo and cats for Crab). The case opens up to reveal a mini-doll house of sorts.  They each will want this kitchen for their playcases. Miniature perfection.

GeoSafari Talking Globe Jr. I have been researching globes for something like six months. I find in interesting that around age 5, children naturally start wondering about distance and the world around them. This interactive globe is designed for the K-3rd grade set.

I get it - this is completely over the top! But a pirate ship bed is certainly crave-worthy. The details that have gone in to it are amazing. I think it runs $2k (gasp). I wonder if my crafty husband could make something like this?

Playmobil "Take Along" Pet Clinic is their newest addition for the holidays. Miss Crab saw it and instantly was drawn to it's mini cats and the ability to take care of them. Like a pirate should.

One day, I witnessed my daughter playing with Barbies in her preschool. I was a bit shocked. She has never shown interest in Barbie at our home or in stores. I asked her what she liked about it and she said it was "fun to play people." Only Hearts Club girls are a sort of anti-barbie in that they (a) look like actual girls and (b) don't have nearly the level of pink in their wardrobe (c) don't look like prosta-tots (Bratz Dolls anyone?). I am a fan. Wish they made some boys too. I have seen them in Target stores and online. They have a "horse" line and a "princess" line - neither one engages my daughter. She likes the regular kid line. We picked up "Lily Rose" for her stocking.

And of course, what girl could live without the Soldier Fortress set from the Pirates line? Ok, we ended up buying this. It will be under the tree for Christmas. It has a real working lighthouse! Come on! That is just too cool. If you are a parent looking for a good deal on this item, visit They offer free shipping on items over $40 w/ free gift wrap.

To help build up her sea legs, a good pirate could use this indoor activity balance board w/ maze inserts.

I found out about Curly Q Cuties from one of my favorite sites: zrecommends. Kids can create their own monster and the plush version will be delivered to their door! This would be such a fun $25 stocking stuffer gift-certificate.

Now, clothing is never all that exciting for the holidays - but there are certain exceptions: Tea Collection is one. My pirate refuses to wear anything too girly, too dressy or perceived as itchy. This collection from Daily Tea are church-ready outfits in colors (and textures) a pirate would approve of.

Mom is all about educational toys, so the telling-time game is completely mom-approved!

A knitting machine! Indoor activity that prepares the child for outdoor play. Excellent. It is 15 degrees? Make your own (pirate) hat, kid.

Miss Crab loves puzzles so this combines two of her favorite things.

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