About Us

Hi. I guess you might want to know a little about us?

Jess and Marie met when they were 14 years old in Frau Patrick's German class at a private college prep high school in Oregon. They survived prep school, biker tattoo parlors, love, loss, college, puffy wedding dresses, career ups (and downs) and baby-havin.'

Jess blogs from the East coast. Frequently. She has a lot to say.

Marie blogs from the West coast.

Together we are the co-blogstresses of the apocalypse. Or maybe we are just trying to share our life and laughs with others.

We are 30-something

We are mamas. No, scratch that. We are mama bears. Much cooler. And meaner. Snarl.

Family is more important to us than anything. Jess is raising two daughters. Marie is raising a little girl and a little boy.