Wednesday, September 3, 2008

(MarieFinds) A New Topic

So, I am at the daycare this morning... have taken the squirrel in for an ear check and to get a funny spot on her face looked at. (Yes, for those keeping track, that IS the 4th trip to the doctor in 4 weeks. Plus the lawyer 2x and me once. Why do you ask?)

Anyway, there I sit reading the Super Squirrel a story before I ditch her for the rest of the day. The toddler room is in a little bit of chaos... 1 teacher, 4 kids, then I bring Squirrel back about 10:30. They do lunch at 11, so some of the kids are getting antsy. Kids are shaking noise makers, someone is throwing stuff, and the teacher is trying to go down the list doing diaper changes, which results in its own mini-meltdowns. She gets a kid up on the table, and naked. Big old pregnant me is on the floor with Squirrel in my lap. Suddenly, Ahsland hits Finn. Finn hits her back, and she hits him again. Next thing you know, Finn has chased Ashland about 5 steps in and they are in slap fight straight out of How I Met Your Mother. Hy-freaking-sterical. The teacher is trying to correct them verbally, because she has a naked child on the changing table. She eventually puts the naked kid on the floor and runs over to separate the two combatants. I am doing everything I can to not laugh hysterically.

Really, in the telling it seems like it took forever. It escalated from slap-slap to full on fight in seconds. Toddlres are great. I was still laughing when I got to my car.

By the way. Ashland? The Squirrel's best friend at school. Should anyone be surprised by this? heh.

Question: why in both my pregnancies has my big craving been for things I'm "no supposed to have?" Last time I DREAMED about cigarette smoke and Diet Coke. This time, I have a had a fetish for lox and bagels.

I skipped the cigarettes, but I have been going to down on the bagels and lox...

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