Thursday, December 3, 2009

[JessFinds] Crave List for 3 Year Olds

 Each year I publish a list of things I think are great for the upcoming holidays. Who would have thought these lists would become so popular? I have received emails asking when my next list will come out! Mom's everywhere from Arkansas to the UK are visiting our little blog for inspiration. This is the 3 year old crave list ... the 5.5 year old list is up too!

Gonzo is very excited about Christmas this year - she is all about Santa breaking in to her house and leaving her "stuff." She has already asked for a puppy, a goat and a variety of farm animals.

Gonzo wears a size 3T with most of her clothing now. Her shoe size is a 6.5 to 7 toddler.

These are so cute. I could probably learn how to make them, but for $8 I figure it is worth it to let someone else do it! Crayon Rocks from Magic Cabin.

Gonzo is crazy for the Three Little Pigs. These interactive stories are a great way to keep her entertained and allow her to tell the story.

Another Gonzo obsession is Hansel & Gretel. Seriously. It freaks me out that my daughter has latched on to this dark tale of abandonment and cannibalism, but ... ok!! She would love the finger puppets and acting out the story. The only place I could locate this was

And more in the Hansel & Gretel department! This is from one of my favorite booksellers, The illustrations look amazing.

This cardboard playhouse is begging to be decorated. Target has this fun "indoor" crappy weather activity available for $20 with free shipping right now. I would jump on this for any 3 year old.  They also have the castle available for $24.

My baby has outgrown her crib and it is time (really, it is) for her to transition to a big-girl bed. The Matrix Kid System looks like so much fun. 

Automoblox! This set of three wooden interchangeable cars (they lock together like a lego) are so cool In these great colors too! I think I want a set for myself. And while we are at it, I think I should make a case for Crab getting a set too.

iMac compatible keyboard for kids. Do you realize how many PC compatible learning programs and keyboards there are? Mac needs to jump on this bandwagon. I converted to iMac a few years ago and I would love it if my kids could use it too! I just found out that someone grabbed this for Gonzo - I love it when family shops off the blog! Woo!

I have long-admired the Calico Critters line of toys. Doll house play but with little woodland creatures! Squirrels! Bunnies! Kitties! We bought Gonzo the carrying case (pictured above) and the little squirrel family for Christmas. I think what I like best about this line is the ability to add on to it as inexpensively or as expensively as you choose. Big sister Crab thinks these are cool too and will also be getting a carrying case and family (cats, hello). Both girls will want this kitchen set for their little carrying cases.

I would love to learn how to put together these felt play food sets that are found all over Etsy. In the meantime, I nod to the experts! I love that this set comes complete with little play teabags.

Tutus! Hello. Shameless self promotion here. I think that all 3 year olds should be outfitted with a tutu from Chi Chi Tutu.

Playsilks are a big deal in the Waldorf education model, but I think that any open-ended toy is good stuff. These can be capes, dresses, blankets or wings! A set of 2 or 3 would provide endless entertainment for a 3 year old.

No - I am not insane. Plan Toys makes great musical instruments for kiddos! If it was a whistle, or a trumpet ... we would need to discuss my mental state.

Not too long ago I purchased the Tag Jr. system for Gonzo. Her sister has (and loves) the Tag system. I think the following books would make a great addition to the Tag Jr set:
Ni Hao, Kai-Lan Share Book
Pooh Loves To ... Book
Panda Bear Panda Bear What Do You See? Book

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