Monday, September 14, 2009

[JessFinds] And then the Titanic hit an iceburg

This photo was taken AFTER her first day of the new Kindergarten. Happy. Well adjusted. Enjoying the Star Wars presents I picked up for her to celebrate getting through the day.
I call this a success!

Our morning was great! Miss Crab had a full nights sleep, got up and put on her uniform that I placed at the end of her bed (no complaints) and ate a huge breakfast. No photos this morning, I wanted to keep the expectations at a low level. We made it to school. We parked the vehicle. And then she saw the other students and started to panic.

We made it to her classroom, put her lunchbox on the shelf and her coat on the hook. Crab was completely set in at this point and she grabbed her coat back off the hook as though she was going to bolt.

I then took her to the "playroom" where the kids meet before classes start. They had a sticker w/ her name on it waiting for her. A very nice lady told me that they prefer we say goodbye at the door to minimize distraction, which I am SO glad of. It took the pressure off of me.

I gave her a huge hug. Told her how much I loved her and how proud I was of her. At this point, she totally lost her sh*t and went nutso. MOMMY NOOOOO! DON'T LEAVE ME!!! PLEASE MOMMY NOOOOOO! The lovely woman at the door helped escort Crab away from me. She even had her arms stretched out, like the sinking of the Titanic ... NOOOOOOO!

I had tears running down my face on the way out and a very sweet dad came up to me and gave me a hug, said that he is intimately familiar with that scene and that his child did that for a full 30 days before figuring out it was not worth it. He promised that it gets better.

I called the school at Noon. They said Miss Crab is doing fine. She made it through the morning and is behaving like a lovely young lady. They could totally be blowing smoke up my skirt and I DO NOT CARE. I'll buy it.

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