Thursday, September 24, 2009

[JessFinds] Montessori & Fall Purge

These last few weeks have been such a huge learning opportunity for me. I really should follow my instincts because my gut reaction is usually correct. Getting my daughter in to a Montessori program is probably going to change how she views school forever. I am so pleased with our decision to push for this.

The next two months will be tough as she adjusts. She is so incredibly anxious and shy. I wish I could fast-forward for her. Right now, she is known as the "redhead that cries alot." Ok. That is a start! I am not hung up on the idea that she is in preschool or kindergarten based on age. If she needs the Montessori preschool curriculum in order to feel stable and successful, yay. Technically she is enrolled as a Kindergartener.

I just want her to feel confident and happy. I am more interested in her social development at this age than her academic development. This program is based on the whole child, and I love the well-rounded approach to child development.

She talks to us. Which is wonderful. She tells us all about her day. She is absorbing the lessons and excited about them. She has a teacher who talks to us and is 100% on board for helping Miss Crab learn to love school.

Fall Purge 2009: Ok. This time I mean it. Grrr. All of this clutter ... out! I am starting with all the bits and pieces toys. Those gotta go. If I purge the kids stuff first, I tend to feel motivated to purge the adult stuff.

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Joie said...

I agree, confidence and feeling comfortable are much more important at her age than getting all the academics down. The headmistress at Patrick's school says that the social interaction, the learning of routine and how to behave in the classroom is far more important for the young child than academics because if they don't have the first part down, they can't learn anything. Parker will end up being ahead of the class once she feels comfortable and happy. This is so good for her....and you.