Sunday, June 28, 2009

[JessFinds] Pirate Party

We did it!

The pirate birthday party was a huge success thanks to Mother Nature and that big ball o'fire in the sky. We had a glorious day. In the 80's - nice breeze. Lots of kids in bathing suits getting their first sunburns of the year.

I am still in shock. I had a full plan B for inclement weather. If you are prepared for the worst, then you are pleasantly surprised by the best! It was pouring rain w/ t-storms on Friday. And it is overcast and cool right now (rain expected tonight). But for some reason, Miss Crab's birthday had brilliant weather. All day long.

Bouncy house, slip n' slide and hot dogs = 20 happy, happy kids.

We rented a sno cone machine at the last minute. It was such fun last year and turned out to be a hit again this year.

I love summer babies. Summer parties are so easy to throw together. It takes very little to exhaust a large group of kids. I love the chaos. The parents love being able to sit back and have a beer while their kids participate in contained chaos.

The highight of the party was when all the kids came inside to have cupcakes and Preacher went outside to bury (with help) the gold doubloon pieces of eight in our ginormous sandbox. Each kid was allowed to find four pieces of gold and then come to me to collect a "pirate pouch" to put the gold in.

I have already heard stories of one child telling her parents that they are "rich!!" and another going to bed clutching his pouch. THAT makes it worth going the extra mile to find replica doubloons -- made of nickle and painted gold. Heavy and realistic!

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