Monday, June 22, 2009

[JessFinds] "Friends" on Facebook

I wanted to respond to Marie's post about Facebook.

There is this fine line between "OMG! IT IS YOU!" and "Wow - we have no reason to be in touch." Facebook really blurs those lines.

It is not a surprise to anyone who knows me that I was a serial dater prior to getting married. I feel lucky that 90% of those ended normally. The other 10% - well, there is not enough klonopin in the world to relive that! For the most part, "amicable and occasionally in touch" describes my relationship with the men of my past. Facebook is fun - you get to hear about the lives of people who were once important to you without having to get all that involved.

I am a better person for all of the people that have been in and out of my life. I don't harbor ill will towards anyone. Some people I am more curious about than others. Healthy curious, not stalker curious.

At 35, married with 2 kids ... Catching up with an old boyfriend? Not a problem. It is nice to hear where people landed. Catching up with a boy you kissed at a party one time? Not necessary. I 100% agree with Marie's call.

Facebook just is a running stream of conciousness from people who have known you at various stages of life. There are people who knew me as a dorky 12 year old with braces. There are people who knew me as a crazy 19 year old with black hair and blue highlights. There are people who knew me as a skyrocketing sales guru. People who know me as a priest's wife. People who know me only as a writer. There are people who know me as a mom.

I recently went through my Facebook "friends" list and de-friended a large group. Not to be spiteful. I decided that if I would not share a cup of coffee with you now, I probably would not miss your status updates either. That said, I would share a cup of coffee with a lot of people! I am a natural extrovert.

I don't post anything that would embarass my family or come back to bite me later. I follow the same basic rules with this blog.

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