Monday, December 13, 2010

[JessFinds] Wordy, Wordy ... No Pictures

UGH. Total emotional drain! But we did it. We got through one of the toughest weekends ever with dignity and with grace. I am so incredibly proud of my husband. He might be up for the "Worlds Kindest Man" award. I think he deserves to sleep for a week straight!

I kept a smile on my face and acted as gracious as possible. I also answered questions bluntly and honestly. I am not obligated to sugar coat anything further. This situation was ugly. I have been so lucky to travel the world and live in a lot of different places. I look forward to closing the chapter on this place. I have a few friends from here who I will keep in touch with, cannagetta YAY for Facebook, but I can't imagine coming back.

It is so much easier to just be nice. Think the best of people first. Work collaboratively. Find solutions rather than focus on problems. I need my family to experience some kindness for a while. We signed on to live in a fishbowl, be public figures, have our lives held to a higher standard. I get it.  But honestly? It kinda sucks the happiness out of you when you become the subject of rumor, a target for aggression and a general punching bag. But enough with the dwelling on the ickies.

So, I am excited now. I am exhausted, but excited. 
  • I am having a firesale on everything I don't want to move across country. I am selling off so much stuff. It is so liberating!
  • I sold all of our white wicker sunroom furniture. In California, a sunroom is called a deck (hee). Still need a buyer for the Preacher's truck.
  • My husband bought me a case of Malbec. It is like he knows me.

  • My health is in the crapper - it appears that we can't stablize my thyroid function. Plummet after plummet. Just got the latest news today. I am going to invest in a fancy-pants Endocrinologist when we reach the West Coast. I have an irrational fear that I have thyroid cancer and I just need to simmer down and jump off the hypochondriac train at the next whistle-stop. We are going to be switching to the Kaiser health program. The Kaiser is not going to kill me, right? 
  • In other health news, I am getting my hip checked on Wednesday. Because I am apparently 120 years old and now have hip problems. It is okay, laugh at me. It is a family tradition to fall apart in our 30's only to be STRONG LIKE BULL from 40 on out. I will have the hips of a belly-dancer again. And the knees of a spry gymnast. A girl can dream.
  • Did I mention the hubby bought me a case of Malbec?
  • We have a moth infestation of grand proportions - my house is covered in them (outside). Anyone know what is up with that? I am hoping that tomorrow's freezing temps will reduce the moth population because it is feeling a little too Silence of the Lambs for my tastes.


victoria said...

yo - whats up with the moths? we have lived here forever and have never seen a december moth invasion before! seriously weird!

JessFinds said...

Okay, not that misery loves company but I am so glad to hear it is not just our house! I was thinking that something was seriously creepy.