Saturday, December 11, 2010

[JessFinds] More than you ever needed to know about my face

I am pale. Umm... I am really pale. I baby my skin with SPF year round so that I will look like a snow goddess in my 60's and beyond. I used to hate being fair when all of my contemporaries were bronzed, but you gotta rock what you got. Just born in the wrong century.

So I take care of it.

My skin is also very dry. And as I get older, apparently sensitive. Fun. I found myself (at 36) looking like I was going through puberty. I have always had clear, albeit pale, skin. Not any longer. Stress does a number on me. So does winter weather combined with dry indoor heating, etc...

So I have this dry, flaky, dull, broken-out T-zone face. No moisturizer or exfoliant has helped. I was looking tired. A quintessential stress-worn face. I had a few "I am not stepping outside of this house" days of late.

I tried tea tree oil hoping that it would clear me up, but no luck. So I did a little research and remembered reading that olive oil was good for dry skin as it is incredibly nonreactive.

O.M.G. (Yep, I omg'd). I have been rubbing a small amount of extra virgin olive oil in to my face each morning for about seven days now and my skin is almost 100% healed. It feels like cheating. Shouldn't I be back at my dermatologist spending a fortune on small bottles of imported French cleansers?

Olive oil.

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curlie girlie said...

That's interesting! I've heard that there is an oil cleansing method of washing your face that's supposed to make your skin wonderful, but I haven't tried it. Thanks for sharing a way to help your skin without spending tons of money!