Sunday, December 5, 2010

[JessFinds] Goodbye to our play structure

This is the first thing I have had any emotional reaction to. We have sold our play structure / slide / swingset for $100 to the lucky person who found it on Craigslist first and is willing to come disassemble it. We spent over $1000 building the mamajamma but figure that it would be a really great find for someone on CL.

It is going to a really nice military family over the bridge from us. Sigh.

My husband built it before we even started unpacking. Still had boxes to the ceiling and he was off buying lumber. Could not wait to build it for his girls. We had many buried treasure hunts in the sandpit. And, shockingly, nobody ever was hurt on the structure. Plus, I love the University of Oregon colors on the canvas! Go Ducks!

Now there will be a giant sandbox. I am sure that the neighborhood cats will appreciate that.

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