Thursday, December 9, 2010

[JessFinds] Boot Obessions, Darn Cold, Swatting Gwinny

I am in the midst of moving hell. And apparently, hell just froze over. It is COLD! I think we had a high of 28 yesterday. To quote one of my favorite men: "Burrrrrrweeenies." Did I mention I am moving to California? (sticking tongue out)

It is cold enough to reconsider my stance on (shudder) classic Uggs. Footwear that makes you legs look like they end in tree stumps. Almost.  I did buy these in  from Lands End.
Women's Chalet Faux Shearing Boot in Stone Gray

They arrived yesterday and are super cozy. I may sleep in them. These may be my go-to boot for the cross country trip. As a matter of fact, people on the San Francisco Peninsula better get used to seeing me in these boots any time it dips below 45 degrees.

Today on GOOP (oh yes, guilty pleasure ... I do subscribe) Gwinny talks about all of her favorite winter boots. I love having early morning unbridled hatred of Gweneth Paltrow while sipping eggnog in my coffee. I love her clueless pretension as she goes on about her $1,000 boots and how you can have a knockoff for under $200. She is so darling. Did she mention her BFF is Stella McCartney? No? Don't worry, she will in the next paragraph. Thank you for handing me early morning snarkoportunites Gwinny. I feel protective of you. Like if someone else talks poorly of you, I will need to kick them with my knockoff boots. Or at least nail them with the $53 leather flyswatter you promo'd in your last newsletter.

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