Friday, November 26, 2010

[JessFinds] Open letter to my family and friends

Dear Family and Friends*;

There is no tactful or polite way to say this, so I will just blurt it out: Unless you plan on sending seasonal clothing or travel toys ... please hold off on the kid presents until we are in our new home. I know they are darling girls who deserve lavish gifts that would embarrass the Hiltons and Trumps of the world. I know that you wanted to send the full-size carousal and the matching set of twin ponies. But we just can't pack a carousal and the ponies on a big moving truck. Okay. We could, but it might be a bit inhumane for the ponies. I am sure PETA would take issue with that.

To put it plainly... I don't wanna pack it. I would also feel cruel giving a great toy to my girls only to take it away promptly and put it on a truck for a month (we will be living in extended stay corporate hotel housing while our stuff will be living on the truck until our new home is ready for move in).

*Friends: I love your babies. I know you love mine. I would love to spoil your offspring rotten but this season is all about the move for us. You are off the hook!

We are planning a much scaled back version of Christmas this year.  Not even sure if we are breaking out the decorations as, well, they are already boxed up and it seems like an exercise in redundant packing.
  • Travel toys are greatly appreciated as 4 and 6 year olds don't generally take well to being strapped to a seat for 7 hours out of a day while careening down the interstates at 80mph with two angry cats.
  • Clothing - comfy! Soft! Gonzo loves pairing a cotton dress with legging/pants. Crab is all about soft pants and tops. Both girls could use some fleece. Gonzo is a size 4 T and Crab is a size 6. Adjustable waistbands are a big deal because as much as Crab loves wearing pants, the pants like falling down to her ankles. Gonzo loves everything and anything pink. Crab still likes purples and greens. Anything that coordinates is great for being on the road. 
So that is my tacky open letter. Thank you for holding off on the ponies this year (and the custom embroidered personalized saddles).

Love to all,

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Joie said...

Anything we can have here for your family when you come?