Sunday, November 21, 2010

[JessFinds] Lancaster, PA

We visited the Amish of Lancaster County, PA.

Whoa! Where's the fire, Elder? Someone give this guy a ticket!
 I am pretty sure you can't steal their soul by taking a picture of them from behind. Apparently this is not actually true ... but still. Just in case. No souls stolen on my watch.

We also visited Thomas the Train. The girls loved this. Had a lovely afternoon train ride on Thomas.

Thomas, you are creepin' me out with those googly eyes!
We giggled at the names of places. Bird-in-Hand. Intercourse. Blue Ball. Paradise. Geesh. Suppressed much?

We visited THE train museum of all train museums:

In addition to climbing on trains (so cool) there was a great miniature train play area. I could have stayed there all day. So many trains to play with.

Aside from being stuck for two full hours in the Bronx just to get across the Hudson River, the trip was a blast. Repeat after me: Tappan Zee bridge. It is there for a reason. Don't spend two hours of your life in the Bronx unless it is at the Bronx Zoo.

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