Wednesday, November 17, 2010

[JessFinds] Hold Fast

I am the queen of the scatterbrained post of late, so here are my musings for today:

Yawn Alert: 
I have not made a big deal about it here on the blog because I hate sounding like someone who constantly complains about their medical issues. Nothing more (yawn) boring to read about. But in the midst of all the family upheaval I have documented over the last two months, I also found out I was really sick. My thyroid levels plummeted and, oddly enough, I am vitamin D deficient. Not just deficient - nonexistent. The two issues are related ... and combined make for a lethargic, achy Jess. It mimics Fibromyalgia. It also mimics depression, etc.. So much fun! See, I am not a depressive person by nature. By nature, I am a pollyanna nutbag. I was just assuming that my lack of energy and constant body exhaustion was due to all the stress and lack of sleep. I am sure those did not help. Anyway, I am being bombarded by the MEGA PILL of D. I take it once a week for four weeks. I don't feel much better yet (week 2) but I hope things pick up. If you have Hashimotos like I do or Hypothyroidism in general, ask your doc to run a vitamin screen on you. Apparently D and Magnesium can be all out of whack.

I am not cool enough to wear these:

Photo from Etsy - SweetAddictions Shop
But I loove them. So very much. I am told I am named after my Great-Great Grandmother, Jesse MacLeod.*  A good solid Scottish name. And "Hold Fast" is the motto of Clan MacLeod. It is also a salty old sailing term.  

*I am also told I am named after Jessica Walters, an actress.

Other Scottish clan motto's in my family include "Endure Fort" and "Do Not Forget" (Ne Oublie).  I like that. Hold Fast. Endure Fort. Do Not Forget. All pretty good motto material.

One that is not in my family but belonged to a friend of mine  (a Bruce of Kinnaird): "Fuimus" meaning, in Latin "We have been." Some say "We Were." Sort of anticlimactic, no? Might as well be "Meh."

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Samantha said...

I am also hypothyroid and super Vit. D deficient. I have been on a mega dose of Vit D for awhile now and it still hasn't increased very much. I take it 2x a week. Hope yours rises and you get some energy!!