Wednesday, October 6, 2010

[JessFinds] Jess & Marie in a van down by the river

I think, considering how much life has changed for Marie and I, we should continue this co-blogging project from our van. You know the one. Down by the river.

Hee. Make that minivan. I almost have it paid off.

I wonder how hard it is to get good wireless access in a van.

So, unemployment, uncertainty, instability and general uneasiness? Great blog fodder! We actually both have very blessed lives, they just happen to be doing a dog paddle in quicksand at the moment. I trust that opportunities will come along with a big branch and pull us out of that quicksand.

While rapidly dog paddling, I manage to keep my sense of humor intact and try to focus on what matters. I know Marie does the same, in between deep breaths. I love change and welcome it. I get nervous when things get too still. Marie loves certainty and digs her heels in a bit with change, but she lands on top. Everytime.

So between the two of us, we have a housing crisis, job losses, relocation possibilites, in-laws, income nosedives and children in special schools.  Bring it.


Vic said...

lol dog paddling in the quick sand...totally humorous:)

Mel ~ said...

((((hugs)))) Found you through blogfrog. You girls ROCK!