Saturday, June 12, 2010

[JessFinds] Sins of our Children

I love that my daughter is in a Montessori school. I love that she is way ahead of the curve academically. I love that it seems to be the perfect place for her social development. I don't mind that it is a Roman Catholic school most of the time. I have very strong issues with the RCs. Not my favorite version of religion. Still, she is a very spiritual little girl. But she handed me a card she made in school (with amazing penmanship if I might brag) about her sins being cleansed. It makes me want to throat punch people. My six year old has no sins.

Grrrr. Deep calming breath.

Just a hiccup in what I generally consider to be a great place. Perspective. Daddy is a Priest in a Holy catholic and Apostolic church - the Episcopal Church  Mommy is a non-theist. She will be hearing about religion her whole life, all I can do is answer her questions as holistically as possible.

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Joie said...

Um, this priest would want to throat punch someone if P. came home with that card.