Thursday, June 3, 2010

[JessFinds] June is a sneaky month

The June countdown has begun!

My eldest (Crab) is done with her Montessori program on the 18th. Then I have the feared "transition time" from regularly scheduled school activities to the willy-nilly chaos of summer.

My job contract wraps up on the 30th. I am truly hoping that it leads to continued employment in the fall. I really enjoy the people I work with and keeping my resume fresh while I keep myself available to my kiddos. In the meantime, I can't set up Gonzo with a school in the fall until I know whether I will be full time or half time or ANY time.  Good thing I do well with uncertainty.

We are going to have a faboo family visitation/vacay that has been almost two years in the planning for Preacher. I am already harassing my bestestest and dearestest on Facebook about planning events while we are out west.  I have lists of things that I attempt to do each time I visit. I never completely satiate my need for Pacific Northwest happiness, but it is a start! To quote Nick & Laura: "NO ACCENT."

Sidenote about Stumptowns: I have lived in two Stumptowns (1) Guernville, California (Russian River) and (2) Portland, Oregon. Captain Ainsworth is credited with coining the phrase ... and I got married at his historic home in Oregon City. According to Wikipedia, the only other two are Whitefish, MT and Matthews, NC. Maybe I need to spend some time in Whitefish? Maybe not. 

My baby girl turns SIX in July. We usually have a giant blow-out backyard bash in her honor AND as a way to kick off the summer. Not so sure we are going to do it this year. Still working out those details. Maybe in August? I want to throw a traveling carnival type of theme. Carnies. Small hands.

Still hoping to get some mid-week camping and a few oddball adventures in to the summer along with plenty of beach time with some of my favorite people. 

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