Tuesday, May 4, 2010

[JessFinds] Paging Dr. Freud ...

Today is a very important day in Miss Crab's life. A right-of-passage if you will in this family. Today is the day she gets to visit her very first (drumroll) psychologist.

(I am dyin' laughing because right-of-passage is putting it mildly with these genetics. Sorry Baby.)

Many of you know that Crab is a pretty unique kiddo. She has always been wired a bit differently than her peers. Doctors, friends, family, etc.. have all thrown around words like "sensitive" and "sensory processing" and even "aspburgers" but we have not had any professional evaluation outside of her pediatrician. I wanted to wait before sticking her with a label, especially since it was not interfering with her development. She has hit all the basic benchmarks. Which is great - she is probably smarter than all of us combined. Academically she is on target. Reading independantly, loves math and science. She actively seeks out mathmatic games and work in the classroom. Clearly, not my kid.

We have been a bit concerned with her social development - again, quirky kid - and want to make sure we are not missing anything. Her teacher has recommended (and we concurr wholeheartedly) that she stay in the same classroom next fall. To some this is "repeating Kindergarten" but the way Montessori is designed, they would never keep her from learning at an advanced level. It will give her a chance to stay in the first cycle of Montessori (with kids ages 3-6) and become the top dog in her class, gain some confidence and hopefully come in to her own a bit socially.

So we will see where this all leads. I think it is important to have an independent evaluation as the labels get stuck on so easily in school. And my kid does not fit neatly in to any box I have ever come across!

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