Wednesday, May 5, 2010

[JessFinds] Thinking ahead and training bras

Very good experience with the new doctor du jour (see previous posting). She seems like a great resource, close to home. She was very good with Miss Crab and said she will do some Occupational Therapy research for us. We may do some independent testing once we have her evaluated by an OT.

In the meantime, it is business as usual! We have been asked to list out many "behaviors" that concern us and rank them on a 1-5 scale. I totally understand the exercise, but would anyone else feel like a schmuck writing down all the things that they find frustrating about their kid and ranking them? Let's just hope she never finds that list because I can't afford a lifetime of therapy! Delete. Delete. Delete.

Today, someone asked me a very good question: Are you looking for a diagnosis?

The only answer I had was a no-yes-not sure. Logically, I don't think anything changes about your child once you have a diagnosis, the kid is still the same kid. A diagnosis would mean that there is a name for our "unique situation" and that people have been down our path before, which means that there might be tools and plans of action. So that could be good. And then there is the big-bad (thanks Buffy) label of a scary diagnosis, that label that kills some of your hopes and opens up a lifetime of extra hard work. I will admit fear of those labels.

No diagnosis could be good too, especially if we are doing things right and maybe could get some new tools along the way to help her with her sensitivities, her speech and her shyness.

Either way, something is up. My mama bones have known it from day one. I think that "something" is currently mild in the big picture of things. My concern is that we ignore "something" and it becomes a "big something."

The doctor presented this situation to me: A child who is particular about their clothing and refuses to wear anything perceived as scratchy is one thing. [I do not make clothing a battleground] What happens when that child does not outgrow it, becomes a young adult and needs to wear a bra?

Yeah. I hate thinking long-term too. Especially about my kid and a bra. Shudder.

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