Saturday, April 17, 2010

(MarieFinds) Ham

This post is partly inspired by Jess' menu planning saga.

I meal plan best when we're broke, and boy, have we been broke. We've all been there. Weeks where due to whatever factors, you start the week with less than a $100 in the bank, and you know it will be that way until payday. And you haven't bought groceries yet. Hopefully, payday is soon. This time payday was 10+ days away.

Solution? A big-ass ham. I cooked an 11 pound ham on Sunday. For the four of us. A good ham, though no Smithfield Country ham. We eat city ham. One of these days I'll mail order a good country ham. (Cook's brand ham's are the best city hams, as decreed by the Cook's Illustrated people. And they can be bought cheaply at WinCo. My 11 pound ham was $18. bought a couple of weeks ago before Easter. Ham is super cheap then. And it keeps in the fridge forever.)

Back to my point. On Sunday, I made a crazy big ham for 2 adults and 2 young kids. Made a half-sized order of scalloped potatoes and green beans. Ham was glazed with a maple syrup / orange marmalade glaze.

Monday was leftovers of above.

Tuesday was a ham and cheddar cheese quiche, with some broccoli and mushrooms thrown in. broccoli served on the side as well. (Squirrel proceeded to eat the ham out of the quiche, some of the "egg" and the broccoli on the side. No egg covered broccoli for her. She only likes it straight. with salt and maybe lemon.)

Wednesday was ham and cheese sandwiches.

Thursday was pizza slices. Yay, payday!

Friday was a ham pot pie. which was surprisingly good. really good, actually. I just added a handful of cheese to the recipe at the link. other than that, followed it exactly.

Saturday breakfast was home made biscuits, with fried ham, sausage and eggs.

Saturday lunch was grilled cheese. And mine had ham in it.

Saturday dinner will be ham and split pea soup. and maybe I'll make more biscuits. I have the world's easiest biscuit recipe.

And then, I think we are done with the ham. For a while. We'll make enough split pea to freeze, because frozen soup is the answer to many nights when we get home at 7pm and still need to feed the kids.

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