Saturday, April 17, 2010

[JessFinds] I am a Douglas Fir

I am a Douglas Fir. 

Can you be in love with a city? I have a long standing love affair with New Orleans. And Portland, Oregon. Here are some things I love about Portland (please excuse my generalizations).

Trees. Green. All the time.
Everyone has a bicycle.
Women in their 30's still go to concerts. Regularly.
Everyone owns jeans and wears them in the city
"Shacking up" is no big deal
Pan Asian food. Dim Sum to die for. Thai to write home about. Sushi to get swoony over.
Very little is scandalous or worth getting scandalized over
Breweries and Beer Festivals and Wineries and Wine Festivals
People hug and kiss in greeting. On the lips even. (shocking)
Kids grow up with a desert, a beach, a rainforest and alpine slopes within shouting distance.
Being pale is not unusual
People LOVE being from Portland or bragging about moving to Portland (as though it were a MENSA test). 
Everyone has at least one friend who is an artist. Professionally.
"Normal" people frequently dress like art school students.
The boy who serves your beer is deliciously tattooed and pierced and still flirts with you even though he looks too cool to do so.
Cleavage is not frowned upon.
It is a river town. How can you not love a river town?
Camping is not a major ordeal, it is a "hey we do this all the time" thing.

What do you love about Portland?

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Marisa said...

An 11 month growing season. Dungeness crab, freshly steamed and enjoyed on the beach with a bottle of wine (an Oregon wine, of course). The biggest park (Forest Park) and the smallest park (Mill Ends Park). Microbrews. The Rose Garden on a clear, sunny day. No sales tax (love that, especially now that I live out of state; great incentive to go shopping when I visit). A city full of Readers (Powell's, Powell's, Powell's). Rain that makes everything just a little bit greener, a little bit sparklier.