Saturday, April 17, 2010

[JessFinds] Meal Planning FAIL

Ok. Partial fail.

I had such a lovely plan (see below) but the powers-that-be in our home were not cooperating with my meal planning last week. Do I give up? Hell no.

Monday - Perfection
Tuesday - No Supplies
Wednesday - No Supplies
Thursday - Out of Town
Friday - Impromptu Dinner at Friends House
Saturday - As of right now ... No Supplies.
Sunday? Who knows.

So, I make the plan. The grocery list... and yet ... well... people are unreliable when it comes to executing my plans. I guess that is the most generous I can be without having an all-out fit on my very public blog.

Answer? Peapod. I am going to Peapod all of my groceries from here on out so there is no confusion about what needs to be in the house.

Also, we have an "issue" with cost vs quality. I would rather have small amounts of very high quality food, but I am up against a large amounts of poor quality food mentality.

I found this online - brilliant.

I insist on Organic Free-Range / Cage-Free eggs. All commercial eggs are nasty, from giant farms with sickly, beakless, effed'up chickens who are pumped full of antibiotics. It is gross. I want eggs from healthy chickens. I don't care if they are coddled and petted, I just don't want to support a disgusting industry.

I also insist on hormone free milk. I know there is no "significant difference" according to studies but this is the USDA we are talking about. They regularly fail in protecting the US public. Plus, I think there is a reason 3-8 year old girls are hitting puberty at an alarming rate.

Apparently, these quirks of mine are high maintenance. 

So I have signed up with a local dairy that will deliver us milk and eggs on Mondays. Easy. Between that and Peapod, I think I will have regained control over the food/kitchen in my home. My dietician will be so proud!

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