Saturday, January 2, 2010

[JessFinds] Mr. Gutenberg, I presume?

I am all swoony and thrilled!

Preacher has purchased a series of three weekend workshops for us to take together. It is our 12th Anniversary present (Cripes - 12 years? How did that happen?) and it is PERFECT. We will be learning our way around a letterpress.

"This course provides a quick, basic introduction to letterpress. Participants learn to ink the press, adjust pressure, adjust roller height, register and feed a sheet of paper, make an impression and then clean the press. Creating and using plastic plates in combination with metal movable type to create your own vision in letterpressed embossment."

I have a thing for learning anachronistic trades. I want to apprentice with a bookbinder, desperately. I also want my own letterpress. I could churn out wikked cool stuff with all the right gear! This also fits in to my need to own many goats and learn how to make goat cheese. I know, sign me up for the SCA right now ... gah.

Oh - and I want to do this before I turn 40: OCAC Book Arts Certification

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