Monday, January 4, 2010

[JessFinds] When Baby Gonzo became Miss Gonzo

I have had a pinched nerve in my shoulder that is driving me nutso, so it could be the heavy-hitting narcs I am popping (perhaps), but I am turning in to one of those sentimental fool moms.

My baby - Baby Gonzo - is no longer a baby.

1. Last night was the first night that the crib was empty. She slept in her big-girl bed in the same room as her sister. We held off on the crib-to-bed transition because we did it too early with Miss Crab and she staged a sleep demonstration out of protest. On the floor. For months on end. I figured it was smart if we could let Gonzo stay in her crib as long as she liked it - and if that was age 16, so be it. She climbed out once, around age 18 months. Did not like falling. Never did it again.

2. She has not used a diaper in over six months. God bless her for that one! I am doing the happy-done-with-diapers dance.

3. Her pull-ups have been dry overnight for the last 7 nights in a row! Who is this child? Where is my baby? Even Miss Crab can't claim that glorious achievement. Miss Crab does have the excuse of entering a sleep coma each night though.

4. She is more talkative than I am. Seriously. The kid out talks me. This, in itself, is amazing. And frequently, her vocabulary rivals mine. I love it when she uses words like "perhaps."

Even Preacher, who does not share my endless depths of sentiment for our unruly youngest, quipped that he missed her barking orders at us this morning from her crib. Hee.

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Joie said...

Patrick still barks orders even though he is in a bed now. Miraculously, the little boy who would climb out of his crib all the time doesn't put his toes on the floor until I come get him. This won't last long, I fear.