Saturday, January 23, 2010

[JessFinds] Mourning a Dear Fuzzy

Rest in Peace Sidney Vicious
Born: August 1998
Died: January 2010

My sweet, beloved cat was put down on Tuesday, January 19th.  We discovered he was in renal failure a few weeks before Christmas. His blood tests showed that he was advanced stage. Renal failure is terminal but can be maintained (occasionally) when caught early. It really depends on the cat. With a new diet, he improved drastically over the holidays. Then, suddenly, he took a turn for the worse. Stopped eating and drinking on a Friday and by Tuesday he was gone.

He is survived by his litter-mate brother, Frederick Fauntleroy and the interloper Trixie La Rue who he never fully recognized as a member of his household.

This was MY cat. I was his person. He gave me almost 12 years of companionship. I miss him terribly.

If you ever have the opportunity to parent a Main Coon or a Norwegian Forest Cat (ours are hybrid mutts) do so. They are giant wonderful, loyal and almost dog-like cats that bond very strongly with their people.

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Anonymous said...

I just say the email about Sid's Prayer session...and then went to look and see if I had missed the news of his passing. I'm sorry I did. I was off the computer for 5 days. I'm sorry to hear he's gone...but if Parker is right about ghost cats with wings...he's doing okay. I hope you are too.