Monday, January 18, 2010

[JessFinds] New Year. New Job.

I start a new job tomorrow!

Actually, I will be working in education so I need to be fingerprinted and stared at by police officers. Then I get to start the new job.

I looked for work for TWELVE months. During those 12 months, 4 positions became available in my field. I applied for all 4, interviewed for 3 and somehow got 1. Yay!

Today, I am trying to do all the things I have not done in the last 12 months. In other words, setting myself up for epic failure. I swept and vaccumed the floor. Hey, it is something.

In other news, my sweet, darling kitty cat is dying of renal failure. He is like a clock winding down. Has stopped eating, drinking, going to the litter box. Just curls up like a meatloaf and stares off in to space. If he shows any sign of being in pain I am going to get him to a vet asap to have him put down. In the meantime, I just hope he can die peacefully at home. I would rather spare him the stress of a vet visit - that cat hates being shoved in a carrier and taken to the vet!

Life is going to be so strange without Sid. He has been "my cat" for twelve years.

Ed - My first day was great. They seem like a fantastic group of people to work for and with. Unfortunately, that morning, my dear Sid died. 

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Joie said...

Good luck tomorrow! As for dear Sid. If it comes to having to take him to a vet, the vet can give you something to help him stay calm for the ride. With all animals I have ever put down, I have made sure to do that because I want their last moments to be peaceful. Prayers for Sid and his mommy.