Wednesday, October 28, 2009

(MarieFinds) Babies R Us getting something right

Anyone who has ever talked to me about kids gear knows I hate Babies R Us. I consider it a necessary evil for some things, but the generally untrained staff, lack of flexibility in policy and lack of organic / sustainable choices for many things leaves me generally irked. I was there last week to pick up a couple of necessary items, and saw something new. They have done some general store re-org, and now have a section called "Mother's Things" (or something like that...).

This is a section obviously devoted to getting just a little bit more of your dollar, but in a way that makes total sense to me: brands I actually buy, of things like, lotion and basic toiletries. This strikes me as genius. I didn't check the price on these items, but God knows, sometimes when you are out shopping, making two stops isn't possible if you are toting the wee ones along. What a brillian way to try and expand without diluting what they already do.

I didn't actually buy anything from that section, and probably never will, but it is interesting to see retailers respond to market forces.

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JESS said...

Interesting - I have not been inside a BRU for a while. It is good to see that they are catering to a real demand, but I agree ... BRU is still unsavory.