Monday, November 2, 2009

[JessFinds] Tutus are everywhere!


No really - I mean it. Wow!

I have been puttering along, working on my site development contracts and really not getting ahead much in the job search when Facebook convinces me to set up

Thank you Facebook! A girl makes a couple tutus and next thing you know the orders start lining up!

Now, I am realistic. I look at this as something that could make some extra pocket change during the holidays and then pick up a couple birthday tutus here and there throughout the year. I have very low expectations! But I am so thrilled with all the support and love that has been sent my way.

I have been having a blast. Most of you know that I am not a very girlie-girl. I play it a bit to the tough side and take great pleasure in the fact that my firstborn is obsessed with pirates. Oh yes, I love my makeup and I love shoes. But in reality, I am pretty low maintenance. I find it endlessly hilarious that I am taking such delight in tulle. It is like when I got married - I went for the biggest freakin' skirted dress I could find (makes waist look extra small ... FYI).

I also love the gals that are buying the Mama Tutus! You are the best. A pair of black boots and a bit of attitude and you are a party goddess.

Now if only I could convince my pirate queen to wear one!

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