Thursday, September 3, 2009

[JessFinds] Neglectful Blog Parent

Congrats to Buck & Emily - I wish I could be there. I really do. I am so sad to miss what is bound to be one of the best weddings ever. I am thinking about sending a cardboard stand-in with motion activated "sobs of happiness." Now that my backup husband is off the market, I will need to start taking apps. Come on. Everyone needs a backup husband.

Wow. Blog neglect. Here are my newest excuses:

1. I am working on a small business venture. More on that later.

2. I am still looking for gainful employment. I have another (yes!) job interview next week. It is technically a 2nd interview, but this time I will be interviewing for a senior position.

3. School! My daughter is starting Kindergarten and has become a she-beast! Apparently Kindergarten is a source of much stress. She has developed canker sores, believes monsters are invading her closet and thinks we are all laughing at her.

4. Facebook.

So I am a bad blogger these days. I am still uncertain what I want JessFinds to become. I love that Marie and I have played with this for a few years. I love that you have all been such loyal readers (and I wish we could update more frequently for you).

I liked the idea of becoming a product review blog. I liked the idea of a general parenting humor blog. I have somehow managed to blog for the last 7 years on something or another!

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