Monday, June 22, 2009

[JessFinds] Pirate Party

This is going to be a busy week!

We have about 15 RSVP's for Crab's 5th birthday party (plus their families). The pirate theme is so easy to do - pirate party supplies are everywhere.

eBay has been my buddy for finding unique party treasures and literal treasures. I have ordered 100 "gold" (nickle w/ gold covering) Atocha pirate coins - pieces of 8. We are going to bury them. In the sandbox.

We have a huge sandbox in our back yard - huge with a wooden swingset / fort structure built in the middle. We are going to decorate it with pirate bunting flags and some pirate helium balloons. We have a giant ragged pirate flat to run up the flagpole off the side of our house.

Future use: I like the idea of using the pirate flag as a signal to "those in the know" that our backyard is open for margaritas and lounging.

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Joie said...

Patrick has pirate day at school and I have no idea what I can do cheap for him. Suggestions ye seafaring wench? ;-)

Last week was cowboy week and I took all his rocking horses and his stick horse in so the kids could play with them and have their pictures taken. I have no such ideas for this week.