Thursday, May 28, 2009

[JessFinds] Robeez Tredz

So, both of my girls are solid walker-runner-jumper-climbers. Even so, I still have that yearning for Robeez and Robeez-esque shoes. Sweet leather crib shoes melt my heart.

Crab has long skinny feet that appear (sorry honey) flat. That comes from me. You are welcome. That said, she was raised in the creme de la creme of shoes. Lots of European shoes like Umi and a ton of Stride Rites peppered with the occasional Keds. I was very concerned about proper foot care. These days, she is happiest in a pair of Crocs.

Gonzo has cute, chubby feet. She is a size 6 toddler. As the second child, she has been given hand-me-downs and cheap shoes. Well, I put a pair of cheapo shoes on her the other day and after a day on the town, her beautiful little chubby heels were bleeding! Bad mommy. She was crying for two days saying how her feet hurt. Bad. Bad. Mommy. So I caved and bought a pair of buttery soft Robeez Tredz - the new line that has thick rubber soles instead of leather soles.

They just arrived today. I am excited to see how she does with them. I bought a traditional fishermans sandal style. They are not for heavy duty use, but I plan on monitoring the sole wear and seeing how they hold up.


Joie said...

Stride Rite all the way with a pair of Hannah's and Keds from SR thrown in. My mother's family has foot issues and I have had bunions since age 11 so good shoes are worth every penny. Can't wait to get P into kid danskos.

Marie said...

Squirrel has had nothing but top of the line foot gear ... this from an Autie with a shoe fetish (thanks, Lala!) and a Daddy with a gear fetish (thanks, Lawyer!). But she's a monster. She is in size 8s! She comes by the big feet naturally. I'm a size 9, and my SIL is a size 10. My mom is a 9AAA. Yes. 9AAA. You can't buy those at Payless Shoes! Well, I guess you can't buy anything at Payless Shoes anymore, but you get my point.

That kid lives in her Keens... both the super cute pink mary janes Lawyer bought her for Christmas and the sandles we bought her last summer. I buy cheap Target shoes for daily school wear, but anything that looks like real walking gets the good stuff.

Baby Boy is still in sister's hand me down Robeez. And a cute pair from Auntie Lala. I am very stoked though, in a LARGE bag of hand me down's from a friend? A HUGE box of shoes. Friend has Nike connections, so her son was always sporting new shoes. Some of them are barely / never worn.