Tuesday, May 5, 2009

[JessFinds] The Girls Jeans Club

My daughter (Crab) dictated the following information to me when she discovered that she was wearing jeans AND Gonzo and I were both wearing jeans. Clearly there was a hidden message to it all - it could not be coincidence! I was told to grab a pen and paper - she would tell me about the club and the rules. Some rules had to be whispered (those have a * next to them).

The Girls Jeans Club

Hot Cocoa
Go inside McDonalds *
Go have treats *
Wear pigtails and ponytails
Go to the IKEA ball pit
All wear jeans
Save electricity!

I love the combination of brand knowledge, food focus and eco-responsibility thrown in. I wonder how many of these things we can accomplish today.


Preacher said...

Well now I want to go to Ikea! I'm not wearing jeans though...

Marie said...

IKEA has a ball pit??