Wednesday, April 29, 2009

(MarieFinds) Milestones

Baby Boy is rolling over. He started doing this on Monday. It makes me happy and sad. I am about 97% sure this is hte last baby I will have. I want to savor every second of his baby-ness. I was very good at savoring milestones with Super Squirrel. I feel like life is moving so fast now, that I have trouble acknowledging the beauty of my baby boy. harumph.

Ohter randomness.... The Lawyers mom is in town. She has been here a couple of weeks, and will be with us until after Baby Boy's baptism in July. Squirrel has an ear infection, and it is GROSS. With the tubes, all that disgustingness leaks out. It's like a sinus infection drain out the ears. EWWW. But, it makes it less painful for her, so, good?

I will hopefully start posting more again...

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