Wednesday, April 29, 2009

[JessFinds] And now for a dissertation on my liver spots...

On my 35th birthday I managed to do "majah" damage to my right knee. Because it would not be a nice evening out unless I fell down a wheelchair access ramp and bled. Truly. I have a history of this. Ask around.

So, I smashed up my knee. I thought it was a normal bash-up and just carried on as normal (I am covered in bruises from my daily random accidents). I have a very hard time determining the width of openings and recognizing the difference between walls, door jams and the doors themselves. Don't even get me started on stairs.

It was not healing up very well. I can still walk but kneeling and any pressure on the knee was pretty painful. Stairs make it sound like rice crispies. And there is this strange oval shaped area of my leg, just below my knee that is apparently dead. Seriously - feels like I am touching a corpse. No nerve endings. Creepy.

So off to the MRI and then off to the Ortho. Good news -- no surgery (for now) needed! I just have tendonitis and bursitis and need anti-inflamitorys and some physical therapy. All good. Oh, and the dead zone? Yeah. That may remain a dead zone if I killed the nerve. The doc said to give it six months. Still creepy.

WHAT THE HELL is up with hitting the mid-30's stride and falling apart? I used to bash myself up all the time and, well, walk it off! I love being in my skin - I am more comfortable in my 30's than I have ever been. But apparently the body does not agree. Everything is slowing down and taking longer to repair.

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