Wednesday, April 29, 2009

(MarieFinds) Kids say the damndest things

Jess has mentioned on a couple of occasions that we got tattooed together. Jess get hers on the inside of her ankle, Ray Ray got a sweet anklet, and I got a blue moon on my "hip". That is in quotes because it is my lower abdomen... about an inch below the hip pointer, but on the front.

Anyway, Squirrel has seen it and noticed it many times. Yesterday, she noticed it again, and wanted to touch it, talk about it and generally found it funny.

So, we get to day care and she says several times, "Mommy moon! Mommy moon! Mommy moon ... BELLY!" "Yes, baby, Mommy has a moon on her belly."

And then I had to explain to the daycare staff, that I have a tattoo. And I hear, "Oh, Mommy's a rebel..."


My 35 year old self laughed. At 19 year old me. At the 24 year old hipster boy who takes great care of my daughter, and at 2 year old her. Hmm.


Anonymous said...

Go ON with your bad self! I am rockin' the anklet while shaking my 35 year old head and wishing I had the tatoo in a more "private" place. We were so dumb and brave and dumb! Cheers to Uncle Bill! Cheers to getting drunk, deciding to get a tatoo and waking up the next day to follow through! xo, Rayray

Marie said...

Hee... I always love when people ask, "where you drunk?" and I have to say, "No, we were REALLY hungover."

JESS said...

I get to say that I got my first tattoo with my two best girls. That is pretty awesome.

I own my standard college issue ankle ink. It represents a time and a place. I would not change it at all. I think it is cute that one of Gonzo's first words was tattoo.

There are not many 35 year old moms I know without a tattoo! Our generation pretty much changed the stigma of that.