Tuesday, March 3, 2009

[JessFinds] Ode to an iPod

I am having so much fun with my iPod. It was my big Christmas present and I am seriously in love with it. I have been shocked by the sticker prices on some of the iPod accessories so eBay has become my new friend: $25 silicone skin retail or $3.95 on eBay? Hmmm.

My brother's lovely lady sent me a disc loaded with fun music - over 300 mp3's. How much do I love her? She is one of the coolest people I know. Seriously. If I ever move back to their town I am going to hang around outside their house, stalking them. If I ever was a hipster, them days are dead. She is so uncool it is hot. He is so cool it is uncool and then cool again. Follow?

Here is a small example of some of the Muzak she sent my way:

The Arcade Fire
Cut Chemist
Cibo Matto
The Gossip

She sent along a great selection - including Blur, Polyphonic Spree, Beck, David Bowie, Gorillaz and even that great Gnarls Barkley CD that I always loved but never bought.

Yeah. I know. Cool. I had never even heard of some of these booty shakers.

I need to name my pod. I think it is a girl. She is a purple nano. I name vehicles and other electronics (my GPS is Sheila). Suggestions?

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