Saturday, February 28, 2009

[JessFinds] Recap...

Shhh! I got both of the kids fed, bathed and convinced it was time for bed by 6:45!!

My baby turned the big 2 and had a very nice birthday. I constructed the Brobee cake - it turned out pretty well if I do say so myself. Here are some photos from her big day!

More green frosting than should ever be legally allowed.

Gonzo called it "Happy Day Day" and was very happy to finally dig in to the monster cake. Here is a lovely photo of the disemboweled creature:

We took the kids out for dinner at their favorite Pan-Asian place - they were happy to be face first in a bowl full of miso with a big order of edemame. Mmmm. Soybeans. Uncle Lawyer will be so very proud of his little haole girls. They even worked on their chopstick skills.

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Marie said...

happy birthday Gonzo! I want our girls to have a joint birthday party ... sniff.