Monday, March 16, 2009

[JessFinds] I found out what Rowdy was!

Talon, a Shiloh Shepherd - look familiar?

I went to a pet show at our convention center over the weekend. There was a dog show and a cat show and it entertained my children endlessly. Show people are nuts. It was fun though. They were specializing in rare breeds. I walked around the corner and there were six Rowdy dogs! Seriously! It completely stopped me in my tracks. I almost started crying. There was one who was easily seven feet long, not including his tail.

Rowdy was (is) my mom's dog. He died after a very long life - 13.5 years. A long time for a big dog. And he was a big dog. BIG. At his largest he was 165 lbs. We never really knew what he was. He was obviously part Sheppard. Part Husky. Part Wolf? Part Malamute? Even the vet was confused. He had never seen a Rowdy dog before.

Turns out there is a reason why. They are rare! Only a handful of breeders are certified for Shiloh Shepherds. They are known as gentle giants and they are the largest of the Shepherd breeds. They come in all colors and in both short hair / long hair varieties. Rowdy was a long haired plush Shiloh.

And the line has been bred to incorporate Malamute traits. Which explains the obsession with snow.

I was so excited to chat up the group. They had so much information. I wish I could have taken photos. It was really too funny. And they had puppies. Giant fuzz ball puppies.

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