Sunday, March 15, 2009

[JessFinds] Dual Purpose

Years ago, my friend Marla bought an adorable little leather credit card / business card / photo album wallet-like thing. She put all of her excess membership cards, store cards, etc.. in to it. I think hers was a Tusk. Pretty colors. She took me back to the store where she bought it and they were all gone. I have been looking for something like it ever since.

I recently decided to consolidate my wallet. I now have: my ID, my debit card, my insurance card ( insurance cards for my kids) and my AAA membership card. That is it.

I still needed a place for all of the other stuff - warehouse membership card, grocery cards, museum / zoo memberships, etc... I like the idea of having wallet-sized photo windows so you can see each card rather than tucking them in to a organizer where the cards are obscured.

My new search lead me to For $10.95 I got the cute blue mini photo album and it arrived today. Perfect. I can even put a photo of my minis in the front window. The inside is like a traditional album for 2x3 wallet photos (black background, clear plastic front). My business card and credit card sized extras all fit in neatly.

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