Tuesday, March 17, 2009

[JessFinds] Age and Wisdom

In addition to my comments about Botox, I would like to add the above for your consideration.

My hair developed silvery greyishness when I was in my early 20's. I did not know about it because I had every hair color on earth (and some not of this earth). It was not until I returned to the land of the Blonde that it became apparent. I have endured. Keeping it at bay.

Even so, I was not prepared for the fact that women of a certain age start battling wrinkles, facial hair and (gasp) sagging parts. Enter lotions, potions, structured bras and Spanx.

Not me of course. I am perfection personified. Cough. Oh yeah, that product up there? It works. Easily upps the sexiness by a good 5%.


Joie said...

You do not have excess facial hair and what you do have is blonde peach fuzz! I have the same, only the veins above my lip are apparent under my skin and make it look like I have a stache.

My sister was fair with blonde peach fuzz and she had her face waxed regularly "so her makeup would go on smooth." Really. She was beautiful (now deceased) and you have gorgeous skin.

JESS said...

I was just noticing my "facial fuzz" becoming more prominent. Not manly, just prominent. It is so fair that it sparkles in the sunlight. Hee. I also have inherited the "over 30 whiskers" ... thanks mom. Just a few, but they drive me nuts.

Marie said...

mmm... whiskers and facial hair. I am dark haired woman of middle / eastern european descent. I have had a mustache and sideburns, plus some really prominent chin whiskers since puberty. (the mustache since birth. my son already has one. seriously.) I tweeze like a mad woman. except the mustache. i rely on the good graces of others to pretend they don't notice it. one day i will laser it away.

Joie said...

Marie- I only met you that one time at Parker's baptism weekend but you are beautiful and not in need of a depilatory system.