Wednesday, March 11, 2009

[JessFinds] Woohoo! Another Year and I'm Still Here!

My birthday is this month (insert singing here) and I am a believer that any reason to celebrate is a good reason. I am rocking my 30's. I plan to rock my 40's and 50's and so on.

So I am 35 this month. Ta-da!

The only thing I will cop to for this birthday is suddenly not being so judgmental on the botox. I don't think I am up for (nor do I have immediate cash for) injecting botulism in to my skin. That said, my forehead has some pretty bad perma-wrinkles that would benefit from a little, well, smoothing. I have the number 11 over my nose from furrowing my brow. I will exfoliate and hydrate and use a silicone based primer in the meantime. I really love that I have an expressive face. I come from an expressive family. I would hate to freeze it away.

Everything else can be dealt with via weight loss.

So since it is my birthday - wanna know what is on my wish list?

ROLLER SKATES! (Size 10 Womens, Preacher)
Yep. I want to be the crazy preacher's wife zipping around the track at the local playground, workin' on my fitness. These outdoor skates look comfy. I wish I had a partner in crime so I would not look completely nutbaggish, but maybe I could start a trend.

6.7 Fluid Ounces of DHC Deep Cleansing Oil
I love this stuff. I signed up for the DCH samples and every time the oil sample arrives I get all sorts of happy. I have been craving my own bottle of it for years. Why don't I buy it? I have no idea. It is just one of those things that falls to the bottom of the list. It makes my skin clean, soft and glowy.

I have been craving a bird nest necklace from ETSY for over a year now too. In silver with 2 pearl eggs.

Etsy is the best for costume jewelry. I usually just buy these things for myself. Their stuff is inexpensive and supports artisans. Again, I don't know what has held me back on finding a perfect little nest, but it just is not one of those things I have put at the top of my list.

A blue / green purse with a funky print from Mandy!

Mandy is so cool. She makes things. I have a seatbelt purse that she made for me (but the strap broke -- bummer).

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