Tuesday, February 17, 2009

(MarieFinds) In other news...

Baby Boy has slept through the night the last three nights, and 4 of the last 5. And I mean through the night, not that medical definition of 5 hours at a stretch crap. Because, what the hell? Five hours is not through the night. Anyway, down at 9:30 and up at 5am. Except this morning he was up at 4am, but that was because The Lawyer's alarm was going off. Repeatedly.

Anyway, I am going to give him a couple weeks to get settled in at daycare and get his routine firmed up, then we turn off the nighttime booby, whether he wakes up or not.

And now if I could just get myself to bed before 11:30. And not find myself doing laundry at 11 at night. Grr.

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