Thursday, February 19, 2009

[JessFinds] Sign of the Times

First off, congratulations to Marie on getting back to work and dropping her babes off at daycare without completely losing her cool. I kinda laugh-cried when I read her post! I share her angst (like many working moms). On one hand, you love the time you spend with your babies. On the other hand, you enjoy being able to pay your bills and provide for said babies. Oh, and have maybe more than ten minutes a day to yourself.

I have been a full time SAHM for 4 weeks now. I have already been informed I am a terrible housekeeper. Shocker? I think not.

Today I saw a car commercial. I can't remember what the actual brand of vehicle it was, but what slapped me was the message: Come buy a car. If you lose your job, we'll take it back. Guaranteed.

That is the world we are living in folks.

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