Saturday, February 7, 2009

[JessFinds] Baby Gonzo becomes Gonzo Tot

Gonzo is turning TWO (2) !!

And because you asked...

She is wearing a size 2T
That translates to about a 90 in Hanna Andersson world.
She weighs about 27 lbs
She wears a size 6 toddler shoe (or a European 22 which I think is 6 1/2).

She has outgrown almost all of her clothes. I think she shot from 18 months to 2T in the month of January alone (Crab had a January growth spurt too, I am newly unemployed and they grow. Typical.)

She loves dress up and pretend anything. Love her baby dolls. Loves beating up her sister. She is in a big bunny phase -- all bunnies are named "coco." She also loves yogurt. And movies - watching a movie is a "big girl" thing she does with her sister. They both love "A Sharks Tale" with Will Smith and Angelina Jolie. Nemo is ok, but Sharks Tale is tops. Music is a big hit with her, she loves dancing.

A Gymboree Play & Learn level 5 class would be something that she would enjoy. She does not get much exposure to tots her own size. We have a Gymboree about 12 miles from our house. I just went there today for the first time and I was really impressed. Would not be something on my normal radar.


Joie said...

...and she can tackle Patrick. He comes from leprechaun stock and she comes from good Viking stock.

Joie said...

Question: 90s are supposed to have a long lifespan. 2-3.5 year old sizes. Do you think Gonzo will still wear 90s this summer? Patrick is between 80 and 90 right now