Saturday, February 7, 2009

[JessFinds] All I Want

What I want for my 11th Wedding Anniversary
(or, maybe I could vent a sec)

-- The body I had before I quit smoking, got married and had kids. That would rock.
-- A gift card to iTunes so I could indulge in my new found appreciation of Britney Spears. Shuddup already. Her comeback is badass. You are not above Britney.
-- A standing appointment with a trustworthy and CHEAP babysitter
-- Quiet. My current soundtrack sounds like trains colliding.
-- Not feeling like I am the only one who knows how to handle basic childcare. Lesson 1: School lunches are not rocket science. Lesson 2: Bathing children require supervision.
-- Sleeping in. Just once or twice. That would be awesome.
-- The ability to stop biting my nails.
-- A standing appointment with the love of my life, err, Kelly - my old chiropractor.
-- A chance to feel more NPR and New York Times and National Geographic, Masterpiece Theater and Art Museum Member and less TMZ, Perez, Gawker, SpongeBob and Children's Museum Member.
-- Travel. Real travel -not just visiting family travel. The kind of travel that I used to do before medication and mortgages.
-- The ability to drink red wine until my lips look positively vampiric and my teeth take on a purple hue ... and eat garlic until I could keep actual vampires at bay from a few states away. Mmmmmm. Heaven.
-- A king size bed. I'll send postcards from my side.
-- The ability to feel sexy in cotton. I have two rugrats - everything I own is currently stained or going to be stained.

Hmmm. I could add and add to this. Fun stuff.

It is a wish list, no?

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