Thursday, February 5, 2009

(MarieFinds) The nap battle

When have you lost? We are on the two hour mark of this particular struggle. Not an unusual length of time, but also not normal. Most days, Super Squirrel goes down and is asleep in 10 minutes. And then there are days like today. Two hours in, and she has not closed her eyes. I think the longest it has ever been is just over 2 hours.

She is now in her crib, which she hasn't slept in in weeks. she saw me changing the sheets on it, and decided that is where she NEEDED to be. Whatever. When I left the room, she was still awake. Of course, the bonus of her being in the crib is that she can't crawl out. Or rather, doesn't. I think she can.

So, at what point do you just say, "OK. I get it. You aren't tired today."? I feel like that sets a bad precedent. That she can wait me out. On the other hand, at what point does it just get punitive? Naps aren't punishment. they are necessary. For her sanity and mine. Does the 25 minutes she slept in the car this morning count? I certainly don't think so.

Thoughts? Comments?

edited to note that I went and got her almost right after I posted this. Time of nap attempt: 2:15.


JESS said...

I am of the opinion that naps are necessary for as long as you can get them and then probably longer than that.

Paige just recently converted to one nap a day. She crashes anywhere from 30 minutes to 2.5 hours. Most of the time it is about an hour and 45 min.

When they refuse to sleep, change your perspective. It is now "quiet time" instead of "nap time." Hee. Mommy needs at least an hour to decompress.

Joie said...

Patrick went to one nap a day when he was one. At daycare he sleeps only about 1.5 - 2 hours WHEN he sleeps. On most weekends he goes down around 1 and there are times we have to wake him at 5. Now, this is a kid who isn't the best sleeper but on weekends he is pooped after the morning. To my main point: if he has the slightest cat nap before the nap then the nap will NOT happen. So maybe the 25 minute sleep in the car did it for her.