Tuesday, January 13, 2009

[JessFinds] Yeah, We're looking at you

I urge everyone with young children to try this:

Get out your Garbage CD's or download "Cherry Lips" by Garbage (BeautifulGarbage 2002) on iTunes or Amazon and just watch your children. Seriously. Kids can not resist this song. It is toddler crack.

My girls regularly beg for the "go baby go go" song. They can not help themselves. They dance like their feet have taken over their brains.

Warning - it does contain an explitive in the form of something that sounds like "Shet" when sung by Scottish Miss Shirley.

And it is completely inappropriate considering it is about a cross-dressing child prostitute. But leave it to me to gloss over inappropriate music. My 4yo loves the Kitty song by the Presidents of the United States.

Here is the video:

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