Tuesday, January 13, 2009

[JessFinds] In response - Baby Gear the Second Round

Marie's post brings up a good point. The second (or third, etc...) child around you don't necessarily want to accumulate 2x (or 3x) the crap.

I was OCD about researching stroller options that would work with a infant and a toddler and I have to say I am pretty pleased with the Joovy Caboose. It was great, while we needed it. We are now at a point where both Gonzo and Crab would prefer NOT to be strapped in to a stroller no matter how convenient it might be. I find it a big unweildy for just one child. I sometimes wish I had just a small, portable stroller for use with Gonzo once in a while. My only complaint is that umbrella strollers are built for people who are 5ft 4.

I did splurge on the Ergo baby sling / carrier with Gonzo and I wish I had it when Crab was a babe in arms. That thing is awesome and holds its resale value - I am about to put it on eBay.

We had the unique situation of living in a little townhome when Crab was born. Our storage options were limited and we were not sure if we were ever going to have another baby. We Craigslisted almost everything. Then, when I got preggo with Gonzo we had to start from scratch. Very expensive. I don't recommend it.

Marie: There are a lot of fantastic wood kitchen's without the bright pink GENDER GENDER GENDER label on them. A cloyingly pink kitchen puts me in to a recoil too. You will find something perfect. I saw something at Target the other day that was compact, chic and really sweet in primary colors. Crab has a green and white set that is darling and Gonzo loves it too. I have been lusting after the retro red models that cost more than a new vehicle -- I think Pottery Barn Kids carries some of the most drool worthy. So unnecessary, yet so appealing.

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Sarah K. said...

Ohdeedoh.com spent a lot of last year talking about play kitchens. Here is a roundup: http://www.ohdeedoh.com/ohdeedoh/tag/play+kitchen Lots of good DIY stuff.