Wednesday, January 14, 2009

[JessFinds] 11 degrees and dropping - the weather report.

It is a mighty cold out here. Mighty. It should be illegal to take your children outside on days like this. And we have a "real feel" of one degree. Yum. Coastal wind is such an added bonus during the summer months, too bad it sucks the life out of you during the winter months.

When I walk outside, the ground cracks and sounds like glass shattering. Everything is ice.

More snow on the way too.

But it was a glorious day. Sunny, bright - only a few whispy clouds in a very blue sky. Purty. Just too cold to breathe. I don't own clothing appropriate for the under 20 degree crowd. We are supposed to see negative temperatures soon. What does one wear to that party? I plan on staying in and not finding out.

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